What are human rights

What are Human Rights?

Human rights are the basic principles that people need, to live with dignity and enjoy their freedom. Human rights recognise the value of each individual regardless of background, race, origin, conscience and socio-economic status. Every human being has human rights.

Human rights focus on the relationship between the Government and its citizens. The Government is required to protect, respect and fulfil the rights of its citizens and residents. State institutions and all other groups such as employers and businesses, non- governmental entities and associations and citizens are also responsible for protecting and respecting the rights of all citizens and residents.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (insert link) of 1948 adopted by the United Nations (UN) on 10th December 1948 is a document that outlines the fundamental human rights of all human beings.   Human rights include civil and political rights, economic, social and cultural rights and environmental rights.

Click here to view - Universal Declaration for Human Rights

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