A keen advocate of universal human rights, Ms de Lacoudraye-Harter has focused her energy on gender equality – she was heavily involved in various NGO’s, starting one called ‘Famn dan sesel denozour’ in the 1980’s.  This was followed by her active participation on several boards – Seychelles Women’s Commission, Seychelles Women’s Economic Empowerment Scheme, as well as the Health and Social Welfare Commission.  She served as Managing Director of the Craft Sector for eight years, running the EU Craft Project, collaborating closely with Industry to privatise the sector.  Her advocacy of gender related issues continued while she was President of Soroptimist International in 1986, as well as when serving on the National Vocational Board for two years.

During this time she was Seychelles Representative on the Comite de l’Ocean Indien as well as serving on the National Arts Council for six years.

Ms de Lacoudraye-Harter started her professional life in tourism, enjoying a fifteen year career both in Seychelles and overseas during which she worked on the inner and outer islands.  She left the sector to become a Psychologist through the University of Southampton in 1989, later publishing an academic paper.  In 2005, she completed her PGCE at Leicester University, focusing on tertiary education and research which she continued after her return to Seychelles in 2011, all the while practicing as a Psychologist.


Address: Dreamgate Complex, Ile Du Port, P.O Box 1423, Mahe, Seychelles
Phone: 248 4303220